I’m a Computer Scientist currently in the first year of my PhD at the University of Southampton.

My PhD has so far involved the creation of the BTA Loudness App, which has been developed to facilitate research into peoples listening behaviour. The information collected will hopefully inform the creation of a mobile intervention application aimed to reduce peoples recreational noise exposure.

I also work for Cab My Ride, and have developed their driver and customer facing Android Apps. During my time in this role I have been directly involved in the hiring and mentoring of undergraduate developers, as well as advising on the business decisions Cab My Ride makes.

I spend a lot of my time studying the interactions between users and their smart homes, which has led me to develop a full home automation stack, Unite. This long running project has led to the development of a variety of hardware ans software. Attempting to create low cost home automation whilst granting me the freedom to develop and test different interaction models with ease.

Throughout my time studying at the University of Southampton, I have developed some useful utilities through courseworks, most notably, a low computational overhead, flooding mesh network protocol co-authored with my friend, Sidharth Agarwal.

The nodes we created for our mesh network project (there was supposed to be 9…)

Other projects I have worked on include an android application capable of displaying a serial terminal, and programming AVR microcontrollers. Effort in these courseworks has led me to have an appreciation of embedded development and has made me aware of an array of technologies which I now use to solve problems both professionally and recreationally.