NExT++ Workshop 2018

May 2018 ยท 2 minute read

A very warm welcome (in both senses of the word!)

After checking in at the stylish Hotel Jen, Tanglin, we headed out for an evening meal in the Marina Bay area and ended up at a lovely seafood restaurant right next to the water. The walk afterwards saw us take in views of the financial district, Marina Bay Sands and have a few selfies with the Merlion. The following day, we travelled to the National University of Singapore to attend the May 2018 NExT++ Workshop; a 2-day event at their new innovation building with members from the National University of Singapore, Tsinghua University and the University of Southampton attending.

The first day saw a number of lectures given by researchers from each of the universities and some interesting projects were discussed: DietLens, a food nutrition app that uses imagine recognition to identify food; BreatheEasy, an application for gathering data related to asthma to identify trends between environments and symptoms; and finally, TIMES, a mobile diagnostic unit with remote medical assistance to experts from around the world.

During the second day, the workshop broke into different groups, with each group focusing on a different topic. Our group looked at wellness applications and specifically analysed the DietLens and BreatheEasy apps. Both applications capture data related to an individual’s lifestyle and discovered that there is the potential for the development of a shared model, which incorporates data from both applications. For example, the nutritional information captured by DietLens is of interest to asthma researchers as it can, when combined with self-reports on the BreatheEasy app, identify causes of asthma symptoms. Finally, presentations by the groups were given to share and discuss potential future research.

The workshop was a great opportunity to discover the current research being undertaken by each of the universities and allowed for the development of new ideas, with the potential of establishing collaboration in the future.

Authored by Jon Staniforth and James Adams.