Weather in a tube aka KiomeTube 0.1

April 2018 ยท 1 minute read

For Christmas 2016 I decided to make my girlfriend a special gift, as she so often completely puts me to shame with the thoughtful gifts I have received from her.

There are similar projects out there which are available as pre packaged solutions however they are very expensive and are not standalone, requiring a bluetooth connection to a phone in order to work.

The Tube

I wanted the tube to be web connected and able to simulate mist/fog, rain and lightning, which required the following components (and a variety of buck and boost converters + mosfets and resistors due to high current requirements of the fog maker).

The Software

Automatic Weather Sync

Revisiting the project

In 2018, Kiome and I plan to create a new Kiome tube for our new flat, with a higher build quality and a cross platform mobile application!